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    Flybird began as an Arizona, home-based business in 2014 because we wanted to spread happiness through apparel.
    We began with a purpose and that purpose has only grown, to bring joy, comfort, happiness and positivity through our clothing.
    We became a family business in 2018 and we have loved the community that has been built and for the chance we've had to create and grow.
    Our goal is that you will feel confident in our clothing. With our high quality, unique & modern designs, you will be able to wear our clothing happily in the warmth of your home or out for a date night.
    We want you to feel that putting yourself in an outfit daily can be easy and effortless. You can take on the day and feel good doing it. From all of us at Flybird Apparel to you, thank you for your support over the years and many more years to come.