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    In September 2014 our Flybird journey began. Flybird, like many great things, started out as an idea. Our daughter, Julianna, and her friend Rachel, knew they needed to make this idea a reality, so they got to work. They immediately knew they wanted the brand to have a relation to birds. They both had a unique connection to birds that they wanted the Company to resemble.

    Julianna's being connected to her late mother, and Rachel's connected to the symbolism of the freedom of having wings and soaring high. Flybird stands for the good in the world. To be a light, show kindness, choose happiness and be uplifting for yourself and those around you.

    Our hope is that our Company shows you that, when you purchase a tee it is more than "just another piece of clothing". We have always wanted to give comfortable pieces that could be worn dressed up or down - clothing that help you feel confident, beautiful and positive through your everyday moments.

    Soon after they launched and much to their surprise, their early days were busy and growing fast! They knew they needed to continually set themselves apart. At that time, they had an idea to create our own sleeved tees but did not have the capability or the means to create it. The original idea of adding patterned sleeves to a shirt kept coming to mind. They prayed for the help to find the resources needed to make this part of their design a reality. That was the start of it all. The miracle behind the story is everything kept falling into place.

    Not long ago, Caree and I purchased Flybird from Jules and Rachel. Nearly everyday we see miracles within this brand. It has strengthened us in ways we can’t describe! The growth of Flybird Apparel and the helping hands along the way is truly an amazing thing to be apart of. And we have YOU to thank. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for helping our Company become something greater than we could've possibly imagined. We are truly humbled to see all of you wearing Flybird apparel. Thank you for being a light in this world!

    We hope to connect more with our customers and share more about our lives, personal struggles and beliefs along the way. In hopes to be a means of comfort and joy to you in your life. We are all equal in this fight of life!! We can all empower one another to become better than we were yesterday and RISE UP :heart:

    "Stay positive. Work Hard. Have Faith and Make It Happen."

    Mark & Caree Safsten (Owner of Flybird and Parents of Jules, Co-Founder of Flybird Apparel)