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    Flybird Blog

    Thank you.

    Dear Flybird Family,

    I am overwhelmed, yet not surprised, with the immediate and unconditional love expressed to the Bingham family these past 24 hours. You may recognize Kassidy from many of her photos where she models our clothing. She has taken time out of her days to support us in efforts to reach a goal and do something amazing with Flybird. She is that kind of friend and person. The generous outpouring of love and funds that you have given the Binghams, and little Milo, is a reflection of the great goodness in all of you and responding to the needs of others you may not even know. Years ago, when Julianna was 10, our family was hit with devastating news that immediately changed the course of our lives. During this time we had friends and families, some very close and some we had never really known very well, express, share and give unconditional love, service and, in several cases, through incredible generosity gave our family experiences that we would never forget, because they were the kind of people who didn’t need to have a reason to love. They just did. That’s just the kind of people they were and wanted to be. And oh how well they loved us! We will be forever grateful for them and the impact their love will have on our family forever. I believe what is happening today through the efforts of the Flybird family will be a lasting reminder to the Binghams of just how much they are loved and a reminder to each of us of just how much more love is immediately around us and within us. Thank you all for being such wonderful examples of the joy and peace that come from loving more.


    The Flybird Team 



    Hello friends!


    We want to chat with you! We would like to reach out to connect a little more with our Flybird family to share thoughts and experiences about important things like joy, positivity and navigating our way through life. With this in mind, we are utilizing our blog! We are anxious to initiate open conversations within our Flybird community that uplift, and inspire each other. So please feel free to open up this discussion with your wisdom and thoughts! We would love it! 😘

    “When two givers indulge in a connection, it’s like magic. It’s alchemy. I water you, you water me, we never drain each other, we just grow.”

    What a great thought!  “I water you, you water me, and we just grow.” I have been pondering and studying ideas related to making connections. I see relationships around me breaking down because of distraction and busyness. I have to say, I am guilty!  Life is hectic. People say or do things that hurt. Then I retreat. Ugh! But I am going to make conscious efforts to connect and reconnect with those in my life. Connection is the holiday theme at our house. But I am all about doing it simply.

    What are your holiday traditions that strengthen connections with family, neighbors, and friends?  



    Why we Choose Joy.

    I want to preface this post by saying this is the perspective from our dad while our mom, his wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer back in the year 2000. We wanted him to share his thoughts and the perspecitve they had together while they went through the 5 1/2 year journey together in hopes it will bring some light to those who are struggling and going through any hardship. 💕


    A few words from our Dad.

    ”Yesterday as I went to the post office to send Flybird Apparel’s “Chemo Comfort Kits” my mind went back to November, 2000 when it had been just a week since my wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, October 31, 2000.
    At that time, she and I had six children ages 2-12 and I was in the middle of my masters program and had a fantastic job. When I received the call from Margot all I could think of was her and the children and what would be the future of our family as we knew it. We had more questions than a wise man could answer which of course meant the only person who knew our future was God. Our world, or better said, the “world” for each child, Margot and me was about to change from what we all had envisioned our lives being. Margot’s and my “plan” for our lives was honorable, happy and what we thought would be the best for our children. Our first responses were naturally, “How did this happen and why did this happen now?” We were “rolling” as a family. Eventually faith overcomes fear and we adopted the attitude of “Why not us?” We will choose our attitude, choose to be happy and press on, come what may.
    As I read my journal entries from this time I was happy to see how much I had documented all of the support that flooded our home. Margot received daily calls from family in Spain. All of my family (12 siblings) rallied to support us. Friends and neighbors from our church immediately stepped in to support each one of us. Margot commented that, “I am so grateful for the incredible and immediate support from family and friends here and in Spain.” She said that she was reading about Jesus’ last days on earth and was feeling so blessed. She said that during Jesus’s final days on earth, when he needed the support of friends and family the most, he was left alone. She was not feeling alone and her gratitude for Christ’s courage and love sustained her. Alone, Jesus had to suffer life’s injustices and pains. He asked for support and help in his final days but “help” was either not permitted, was tired or otherwise unavailable. Knowing what he had to do, but not fully realizing the extent of the suffering and depth of loneliness he would feel, must have been tremendous. These are familiar feelings in those affected by cancer. It is no wonder that Christ can and does understand and know how to succor those who suffer and wrestle with this disease. We know He does, because He helped us directly and through the hands and hearts of family friends who came to our need in our time of trial. We knew He was mindful of us as we felt his love through our family and friends.

    We at Flybird want to recognize the family and friends who requested the Chemo Comfort Kits on behalf of their loved ones. We thank all in our Flybird family who supported this effort and helped bring some happiness, support and comfort to those suffering with cancer and particularly are receiving chemotherapy at this time in their treatment. Those kits will begin arriving to your friends today.
    We wish all of you health and God’s continued, tender mercies in your lives.” -Mark Safsten



    Keep Going.

    Julianna here! 👩🏽‍💻
    It's been a while! First, I want to say thank you for your patience in me getting back into writing. I used to be an avid writer than feared what others thought and writing took a back seat. But I am digging up the courage to start sharing my thoughts, feelings and life with all of you sweet friends of ours again. 

    If you missed my first blog post, you'll find it here for my back story. I wasn't expecting to head this direction but it's where I feel like I need to expand on. I want to share a very personal experience that I hope helps you. We all have our own journeys but it's comforting to know that we are all in this together, right? 

    I remember the morning my mom passed away on May 10th, 2006, my dad piled all my siblings and I up in the suburban and we left the empty house to go on a long drive down McDowell Road. It was early in the morning, the sun was rising.. I remember looking out the suburban window and saw cars of people driving past us. They were smiling, singing, driving wherever they were headed and kids were getting on the bus to go to school. I remember having what one would call an out of body experience. I looked up in the sky, the clouds were moving and I thought, how does this world keep going..? Does anyone realize what has happened? My mom is no longer alive and you all just keep living? I was so taken back that everyone kept living their lives and mine had just felt like it stopped. It was a feeling I will never forget. I felt sad, frustrated, angry, confused, lost, and all other sad emotions you can think of. But then, something kind of amazing happened. It was on our way back home from the drive, I was thinking and wondering.. well, what do I do now with my life? The thought was placed into my mind very strongly, "It's up to you. It's always been up to you. What kind of life do you want to live, Julianna?" It was then that it clicked for me. That was a lot for a self absorbed 15 almost 16 year old mind to comprehend! And it changed my life forever.

    Since then, I've recalled back on that experience that saved me. I had a choice and made it, sometimes my choices waivered between good and not so good. But I always remembered that moment for me, what kind of life was I going to make? We all have a choice. Like I tell my kids, "You can choose to be happy or you can choose to have a bad attitude, it's your choice!" And while it's not that easy and sometimes we need to have the bad attitude to realize that's not what we really want (right?!) That's when we have to dig deep to find the joy in our lives. Because you see, something beautiful happens when we dig deep and see our strength, what we are capable of. I hope you know that in the trying and loneliest of times, you are not alone. We all have the opportunity to learn + grow. It will be hard and it will be difficult but with humility + grace, we can growIt's like that quote I love, "Through the hardest days, we grow the most."

    I have to often remind myself that it's not a race, it's a journey. And you know, it may take years (like it did for me) to see the rainbow after the storm but I promise you it does come. And we're all in this beautiful storm together.

    "So keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever." Elder Jeffery R. Holland


    Sharing Our Stories

    Sharing Our Stories

    Hi friends,

    I like to think that we are friends and have something in common to share with each other. Thats what prompts me to write and what invited you to read. Thanks for coming back!

    In my last post (read Rachel Story I talked about some of the raw and real pain of my teenage years. Growing up fast and embracing adulthood before I was ready.  A lot happened in that time, I moved out in the middle of my senior year of High School, got an apartment and worked full time as I finished getting my high school credits. My (soon to be) husband came home from serving a mission for our church and we were engaged shortly before I graduated (GASP- Its ok! Remember I'm living and working on my own?!!) We got married a few months after graduation and that was easily the best day of my life but yet it was hard at the same time. I was excited to get married and start my life, but I had little to no help from my family. I was naive and was afraid to ask for what I needed. I look back at that time and almost think of it as a dream, or a story I once read. The emotion behind it all is hard for me to want to remember.

    My point and purpose for sharing this small glimpse into my life is to talk about where I’ve been and where I am now. This past year or so I’ve been able to heal…I mean REALLY REALLY heal the pain, the loss, the insecurities, and also let go of what happened and find strength in all of it. I’ve been able to reflect and refine who I am. Improve in my role as a wife and mom. Change my thoughts and in turn, my surroundings. I am now able to allow the people in my life that I want in my life. I’m working on who and what I can forgive and how I can become more Christlike in my everyday endeavors. This will be a constant goal that will improve and grow over time, but I’m starting to find my purpose and receive real answers. I am important, I have value and worth, and believe it or not…so do you!

    Can I tell you something? I have learned a lot of really hard lessons in my life. I have a million ideas to share and experiences that are moments of awakening, growth and pure strength, and yet I have a hard time sharing my words? Can you believe it? Do you feel the same way? Every time I feel like I've gone through an experience I know is meaningful to share I think “Who am I to share good news. Who cares about what I’ve gone through and what I’ve learned. No body wants to listen to that, no one cares”. Its easy to think I can hide under a rug or stop putting myself out there, but I’ve learned that this is not my purpose. Showing up and being real and being seen is something I want for all of us. We can all learn from each other, but if we are afraid to take that leap of faith, open our mouths and embrace one another, how do we learn? This is why Flybird came to be. Flybird is a community of support, to uplift, empower, strengthen, learn and grow. We all have things in common and we all have stories to share. I love that I am able to be apart of this movement and have a small voice of courage. 

    Whats your story? What do you want to share? What is holding you back? What empowers you to do all you do? 

    You are incredible and powerful in your own way. Lets embrace that together and become a light in this world and to share the good.